Saturday, May 28, 2011

[final-ish?] COUNTDOWN

(It's not really the final countdown, Lord knows there will be plenty more, but it feels rather large anyways.)

(Also, ha! I wasn't expecting anyone to read the entire rant, but kudos to Jhio & everyone else who manages.)

This post is purely to say-


Here's a list of expected activites-

(no order exists after number one.)

  • Cedar Point

  • Columbus Zoo

  • COSI

  • Garden of Roses/ Whetstone Park

  • Franklin Park Conservatory

  • see something at the Palace Theatre

  • Museum of Art

  • Ye Olde Mille

  • North Market

  • Basically all of High Street. Does that count? I'm making it count.

  • visiting Ayana in Cleveland

  • visiting Meg (& Sab!) in Hannibal

  • and apparently there's this Topiary Garden? Want to check that out. I always thought that topiaries were a bit creepy, but that's just me.

-And have my camera present wherever I go. Possibly the video camera? I feel like that would be a good idea, but I also feel semi creeper-ish. Who cares, I just need to figure out how I'm carrying all that.

1 comment:

alia said...

ah fun fun fun. we'll definitely have to have adventures. your list makes me happy because i've already hit a few places, and i'm going to the zoo soon with my mom's class. eeeee. excitement. lol
and i'm trying to be awesome, but i keep faltering. we'll see how summer treats me.