Monday, October 5, 2009

Apple Picking Adventures

This is how the conversation went-
Me: Mother, do you have work today?
Mother: No, why?
Me: I need to get out of the house. We're going apple picking.


So I called up my bud Amy & she brought her friend Bri & we all went gallivanting around the countryside, climbing trees.

Amy searching for the perfect Golden Delicious.

Afterwards, I decided that since we were already halfway there, we might as well go to Mount Vernon for some of the most delicious & cheap ice cream ever- THE DAIRY ♥ ♥

Some SUPER-SWEET bikes in front of The Dairy

And now we have a ridiculous amount of apples. Amy insists that she is going on an "apple diet", but I am quite content to just sit on my porch with some fresh apple cider & enjoy Autumn whilst waiting for my mother to make apple crisp & apple pie & basically apple anything.

In other news-
I left my iPod with my sister about a month ago and I JUST GOT IT BACK.
I feel as if a piece of my soul has just returned to me.

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