Saturday, October 10, 2009

Delicious Treats & Family

So, remember that apple picking excursion I wrote about? Well, my mother and I are currently in the process of removing any trace of apple from our house. And this is how we propose to do it-

We actually made a multitude of baked apple treats- apple crisp, apple pie, apple fritter, apple sauce- and we STILL have apples! So, if you're in the area & feeling a bit peckish... feel free to come raid our oven.

Today, as a part of our plan to fob off as much of our apple-themed cooking as we could, we had my older sister Sieanna over to visit, along with our family friend Becky. Becky has a baby girl named Gianna, and she is quite the little charmer.
Becky & Gianna

Sieanna & Gianna (they rhyme!)

Love attack!

The slightly humorous part of this situation is that Becky had to practically wrestle my mother simply to hold her own child- my mother LOVES babies, so of course she had Gianna planted firmly on her hip as soon as they walked through the door. Sieanna is getting married soon, & while I haven't exactly heard any verbal confirmation of my theories, I believe my mother has a strong wish for Sieanna to go & procreate as quickly as possible.
Aaaah, family.

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