Thursday, October 15, 2009

Trains Across the Sea & Janelle Monae

So I've been thirsting for new music recently, & my wish has been granted!

I KNOW FOR A FACT that (besides Alia) you probably have never even heard of Trains Across the Sea, and that means that you should go visit their myspace music page thingy. That is, if you enjoy folk-sy music. If folksy stuff isn't your cup of tea, then I'd suggest listening to this anyway just to see if your musical taste buds have changed any. They are quite charismatic in person- I saw their show last night at Skully's, and have been familiarizing myself with them since.

Also, how have I never heard of Janelle Monae until just today? Apparently, her album is a story thing (rock opera? Like Daft Punk & Discovery, maybe?) & this is "Many Moons," which is a part of the story. Anyways, enjoy.

In other news-

I am extremely behind on my college payments, because I thought that I had financial aid but I don't and I thought that since I was so late that I would be dropped but I haven't been and for some reason I'm still in class. This is a basic summary of a very frustrating and stressful situation, so it'd be great if you could support me in your prayers. Thanks ♥

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