Thursday, July 5, 2007

Danke schoen, darling, danke schoen

Let me just say that music makes me happy when everything else is getting me down.
Oh, and Friends make me happy too.

Spent the night at Amy's last night. We watched Hannibal Rising. It was funny because the movie trailer for 1408 made me scream, but I was almost not really perfectly fine for Hannibal.

By the way,
I would like to thank DJ uber-much for helping me out with the whole Nick thing. When you're having guy problems, see help from another guy~<3 And the other way around, except I hope I won't be having any girl problems any time soon.
Which reminds me-
How on earth am I a gay man in a woman's body?
Clemons told me earlier in the school-year that that's how I am, and I had completely forgotten about it until just recently.
And the hilarious scary thing is...
It makes a lot more sense XD


So, the parents are toning it down a bit on the whole thing.

I still haven't regained my respect for them, but oh well.

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