Wednesday, July 4, 2007


So, counting really does work! Just not to ten. I have to count for about a minute.

Anywho- Life is pretty good other than the fact that I have, once again, like an idiot, agreed to go somewhere with Nick.
Why do I do these things?
We're going to the North Market, so it's not that big.
Maybe I'll be able to work up enough courage to say, "NO!" over some hi-chew... ?

Anywho. Talked to Jade today, and I'm still messaging DJ over devart. Amy is hopefully going to the fireworks with us tonight, since I haven't seen her in ages...

Yeah, nothing else really new.

Except yesterday in summer school, a bunch of guys were like, "Are you lightskinned?" and I almost bust out laughing. Some other guys in my class thought I was Indian.
Yay, Italia!

And there was this lady on the news who got her face blown off by fireworks. They were pro. grade & somehow some workers at a carwash got a hold of them. The fireworks took a bit long to go off, so this lady sticks her face right over them to see what was going on. And then they blew up.
I nearly fell off the couch laughing.

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