Tuesday, July 17, 2007

I'm so sad...

Both pathetic, and melancholy.

Soo... I must say. So, I'll warn you first- SPOILER ALERT FOR NARUTO. AND THAT MEANS YOU, DJ.Deidara exploded himself ;_; (/END SPOILER)

So, I wanna go cry in a corner now. They were the only bad guys that I basically loved. KISHIMOTO OWNS MY HEART.

So, anyways.

Just got back from the cousins. It was great at first, but then Hell.

Now I'm a little sick to my stomache.

Oh, right. I'm supposed to do something with Chella, Ashley, and Jade. I dunno, I guess summer is finally starting to kick in, eh? And Reggie emailed me today. Apparently, he & Nina are up working at MVA.

I can't wait until school starts again, I miss them soooo...

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Jason h said...

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