Thursday, July 19, 2007

Just Dawned on Me

Ya know, up at school, a few girls always get really homesick. Like, "I miss my MUMMY!" And I would always just laugh at them behind their back, thinking to myself, "Why would anyone miss home?" Because all my time at school, I never felt homesick. I never wanted to go home any more than I wanted to stick my hand into a beehive. And yet the whole summer, I've been MVA-sick. Dorm-sick? Either way, missing MVA. So now I actually stop to think about it...
And it makes life so much easier to realize that I really don't like living with my family. I'm sure that if I suddenly moved in with Amy or something, I'd be homesick if I went to school. But who looks forward to slaving over messes that they didn't make, arguing with their parents at high decibels, doing chores that no one else will do, et cetera, when you could be hanging out with your friends (even just to do homework)?

So, anywho.

We might go to Pennsic, even if for THREE DAYS.

It's better than nothing, I suppose.

I have three days of glorious escap to look forward to~ ♥

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