Friday, August 15, 2008


Really, really, awesome.

So, Wednesday (the 13th) is the day that I was supposed to go to MVA.
I had just finished packing when I hear my dad answer the phone downstairs- it's Mr Daniels, the principal. I'm on my knees immediately, screaming my prayers, "PLEASE, GOD, PLEASE!" Then my parents call me downstairs. My mom looks up at me and says, "Twenty-five dollars each." Of course, I have no idea what this means, but she just goes on, "That's fifty dollars for both of you. I think we can afford that!" Then it clicks, and I almost start crying.
God is good!
All the time!
All the time!
God is good!

So, I got here Wednesday and since then have been mostly busy. We're cleaning, and a few of us (2 girls & 3 guys) have volunteered to be in a "home improvement" course. I'm one of the girls, and today we learned how to fix a leaky sink and toilet in the dorm. It's quite simple for the type of faucets & stuff we have.
The man who came (Gary) had his two daughters with them, except we didn't know one of them was a daughter until she was introduced as Lizzy. She might have short hair (it's covered with a hat), and she was wearing a very boyish outfit- pants with flames on them, a baggy skater shirt, and big shoes with duck tape on them. They were both adorable though, and later all of us were avoiding work and telling horror stories about accidents that have injured us or people we know. For instance, Gary was talking about how he'd accidentally nail-gunned his finger to a butterfly house once, and his son had done something similar to his wrist. I shared that I'd broken my nose five times, and so on.


So, everyone went somewhere and I don't know where they went. After lunch everyone was chilling in the worship room, and I went to my room to read. Then I come to a while later, realizing that we were supposed to be doing something, and everyone's gone. So now I'm here.

Cleaning can take a lot out of a person.

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