Sunday, August 3, 2008


So, I have a deviantart, k? And basically the only thing in my entire gallery that ever gets any attention is this silly picture I took forever ago.
A few people have been commenting & faving some of my other deviations, and I find that pretty exciting~♥

In other news...

Toby Mac tomorrow!
Geeked about it.
Ohio State Fair plus Jessica?
Fun times.

Let's see...
Yesterday Aunt Missy went to pick up the dog (that's actually why she came to Ohio in the first place), and it is ADORABLE. Seriously. It drooled a lot, though. Like, I had a wet patch on my jeans where it leaned against me. Anywho. We all had dinner at Aunt Cathy's, which was pretty funny because Aunt Missy and Aunt Cathy look very much alike and... Cathy is my mom's sister and Missy is my dad's sister. So, pretty hilarious. Sieanna & Mikey were there and Gabby & I threw a football around with them. Which reminds me- I'm good at throwing a football! Weird, right? I was pretty stoked about it. Then we had smores, except Cathy only had these 4th of July marshmallows and they were tiny & star-shaped. It was pretty funny. I still smell like roasted marshmallows~

Other than that...


Oh, yeah!

Amy, Sieanna & I are going to Bento GoGo for dinner Thursday. We've been craving sushi since forever, so I'm looking forward to it.

That's about it, but I will take this time to remind you that Dizzy Balloon is still an awesome band

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