Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Pineapple Express

came out today.

Unfortunately, I am not 18, and it's rated R.

Curses and crosswords...

In other news.

Ten days seems like a really long time when it dictates how long you're going to be staying with your parents after a very recent decision to move out which they did not come to fully accept.

I don't know if they'll even let me go back to Amy's when Kate & Danny leave...

Which is totally their problem because I have a window that leads out on to the roof and I plan on using it if absolutely necessary.
I probably won't have to use it though, because my parents are totally oblivious and ridiculously dense when it comes to me.

For instance-
My mother told me that I was an egotistical maniac who thinks that the world revolves around me. I asked her if that was what she truly believed and she said Yes, that's what she truly believes. Then she asked me, fifteen minutes later, why I refused to speak to her.
Okay, Mom, how about this- in the space of one summer, you've told me that I don't live in your house, that you think I'm a b---- (bleeped out for the younger viewers), a few other mean and totally unnecessary things, and now you're attacking my nonexistant personality faults.
Do you really wonder why I moved out?
Because I don't.

I really want to chew my nails right now...


That was a good venting session.

But now my mom is home, and I have to go before she starts reading over my shoulders.

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