Thursday, August 7, 2008

Bento GoGo

Sieanna, Amy & I went to have sushi last night at a place in the Short North, Bento GoGo.
It's actually not my favorite place. The sushi is pretty good and everything, but it's a little slow and I miss Zen. The hot talkative waiters (never got their names!), the owner with a funny accent who knew my family by sight, freaking mom out whenever the plate with octopus came by on the conveyor belt...


We had an awesome time talking & laughing at life in general. The spicy tuna/ salmon rolls were good, but I do not recommend the sushi deluxe, which is, unfortunately, what I got. Then we walked aimlessly down the street & decided that this store looked cool. "This store" turned out to be Urban Outfitters, and while we had no money we had a grand old time in there. Like, at least an hour. There are a LOT of pictures (and by a lot I mean over 50), so I'll just give you a few.

Sieanna is the short one, & also my sister. FYI.

In other news-
So, Aunt Cathy just came over. Apparently, she, dad, Mickey, & Timmy were going to Cosi. I was like, Sweet, since there are two extra spaces can I bring a friend? Then she and dad were like, "It's up to you," to each other for an entire five minutes before they decided that it was a "family thing".
Really? Really.
Seriously? Seriously.
Because my aunt and my father are passing themselves off as a married couple to get into Cosi, along with my cousin and brother. Right, because you guys are totally bff now. And I can't bring my best friend since 3rd grade, who has met my grandmother and a good portion of my cousins? The one who is practically a part of our family, and I'm practically part of hers?
Because that totally makes sense to me.


You see, I'm especially upset because this isn't the first time that Aunt Cathy & my father have gone off gallivanting. They went to Magic Mountain a few times (with Mickey & Timmy) and had a grand old time.

Plus, when I declined to go to Cosi since Amy couldn't come, Aunt Cathy started me on this guilt trip because she's going to Texas. Really, Aunt Cathy? Just a few moments ago you said that Sunday we're going to Oglebay. Is this going to be the last time I see you? Do I want to hang out with my liar father, my crazy aunt, and my annoying prepubescent brother & cousin without someone I can actually relate to to help me not to go crazy myself?
The answer is no.
And I will not regret the decision later, like you said.
Because I'm not crazy and paranoid schizo, like some aunts I know.

I'm not against paranoid schizo people, I'm just using it to make a point against my aunt because I'm upset with her. FYI.

So, anyways.

I ordered this book from the library, and it's awesome. The Hell With Love. You should totally read it~ I'm also currently obsessed with The Ting Tings and the new Colplay album, Viva La Vida (still happy about Dizzy Balloon, as well). Along with The Hell With Love, I've started a Neil Gaiman book, Fragile Things. It's a collection of some of his short stories & poems, and I love Neil Gaiman, so hands down awesome book.
Oh, and if I haven't ranted on about it already-
Dean Koontz.
Odd Thomas.
I will always, without fail, cry at the end, no matter how many times I read it (which has been three times so far).
Basically the whole Odd Thomas series is my hero. Dean Koontz is an amazing writer.


Kate & Danny leave today.

I need to check to see if I'm going back to Amy's.

Because (as you can probably see) life is getting kind of ridiculous here.

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