Friday, August 1, 2008

Funny Stuff, actually...

Haven't even started to get ready to go, and my day is getting pretty hilarious.

I drove over to Amy's to get my swimsuit and to return Kate's pants (and to get some to replace them), and guess what?
I set off the house alarm.

I went in through the garage since I had the combination, but apparently the alarm system was on and there are motion detectors in the garage, sooooo...
At least we know it works now.

Kate woke up and let me in, of course, and we all lived happily ever after.

And just after this incident I remembered a part of my dream, which added in to the whole thing because it was pretty ridiculous. Ben Afflek and Dulé Hill (Gus from Psych) were in it. Ben Affleck (who wasn't Ben Afflek, by the way) was this guy who had a crush on me and I had a crush onhim but we were both to awkward to make the first real move. Something happens, I'm at school (except it's my house?) and I see the-guy-who-isn't-Ben-Affleck's car pull up and start honking so I'm like, Yay! Then I go to the door and start to scold him for coming during shcool hours, and it's actually Gus and some Asian guy, and they're both mortally wounded and I'm like, "Call 911! Somebody, call 911!"

Then I got woken up by the sounds of my father cleaning across the hall.

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