Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Freaky _______ Eyes

"Wishing doesn't bring
back anyone or
anything," she sighed.
[introspective pause]
Then she said, laughing
(ironically), "But
I just wish it did."

Thought up during summer school. As brain openers, the teacher was giving us a set number of lines, syllables per line, and subject. This one is 7 lines, 5 beats per, Wishing.

My head is throbbing. I've been drinking water, so it's not dehydration. But it hurts my eyes, like it's hard to move and focus them. And the back of my head feels like a sponge that someone is squeezing all the water out of. Squish, squeeze, BOOM! Like that. Especially if I move to quick (and not just blood rushing dizzy). Yeah... now it feels like I'm gonna faint. The fuzzy heavy blanket thing.


So, I started reading Lord of the Flies the other day, as well as Freaky Green Eyes, Wicked, and another book I don't remember the name of. I have this habit of starting a bunch of books at once after not reading for a while...

If you've read any of those books, can you imagine reading all three at once?
My brain is about to explode from being opened up (if that makes any sense).

It's just...and now, for an impromptu explanation/ book review...
Lord of the Flies.
Somewhat dullish at first, but very... I want to say interactive. The way it's written, I can feel what's happening. Engaging. It took me a while to get the characters straight. There are so many being developed at once! But I love it. Especially the "Beast" bit, and the pig head/ Satan thing (very weird, but philisophical in a way).
Freaky Green Eyes.
I've read this book before, but it was a long time ago. I always get something from the books that I like, and now that I'm about the character's age, and all this stuff is happening in my life... So many parallels, what with the parents at war, and... Yeah. I love the way she thinks- the images her words evoke are vivid, as clear as if I were there.

and I haven't gotten very far in Wicked, so I won't bother trying to explain anything quite yet.

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