Saturday, June 2, 2007

Happy Sabbath!

Went to church today. Which somehow reminds me about how I didn't write about going to Aunt Cathy's house memorial day. Her kids are like, half human half DEMON CHILDREN. Her youngest kid (only son) is a 100% spoiled demon, though.
Cathy, Allison (my younger sister), Erin (Aunt Cathy's third youngest), and I went bike riding to a pond a bit away from their house to go fishing. Actually, it was mostly just Erin and I since Allison knows crap about fishing and Aunt Cathy is a wuss. Anyways--- while we were biking there, I was talking to Aunt Cathy about Mount Vernon and she asked me, "Do you believe in God?"Can you imagine what I was thinking? It was something between, "...!" and “ohmygoshareyoujoking?ijustsohappentobetalkingaboutmyCHRISTIANboardingschoolwhereIstudytheBIBLEandlearnaboutELLENWHITEamajorprophetwhich,Ishouldnote,nootherprotestantchurchHASandwhileIamawareyouareCATHOLICIwasn’texpectingyoutobeSTUPIDandfurthermore-” and it just kinda went on like that.
What actually came out of my mouth was, "YES."


I guess it just seemed fitting that I share that little bit of info with you on the Sabbath.

Oh, and we now have ketchup and tofu, even grape juice and ice cream~

Life is complete.

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