Sunday, June 10, 2007

My brain is shaking.

That makes no sense, I know.

I have quite a bit to spill. Being abducted earlier this week, then the whole household party thing yesterday.

I'll start with the abduction.
(that sounds weird?)
Well, Ashley called me wednesday or thursday night and told me to be ready in ten minutes. I was halfway through pulling on pants when Allison screamed that they were already here (this took about 2 minutes). Then I ran outside and hopped in the back of Cody's truck, finding a very inebriated Chelsea [Back]. Which was interesting, because I learned later that no one had seen Chelsea drunk before, most likely because Chelsea hadn't been drunk before. Ashley had somehow conned Chelsea into drinking 10 shots of vodka. 1) I barely knew anyone there, and 2) being around a drunk Chelsea is like trying to keep a dizzy, ADHD 6 year old away from a cliff that just so happened to be covered in bright, sparkly flowers that smelled good. I don't know if that makes sense to you, but I'll put it into easy speak- IT WAS HARD. So, I got tired of that scene pretty quick and walked home around 11:30.

Next, the household party.
For some odd reason, Dad thought it would take like, two hours to get to Talymar's house, so we got there an hour early. I chilled in front of the TV with Mark, like all teenagers do, and we watched The Jerk on comedy central. Then Becca came, and then NICK showed up. Nick was one of the friends I made at Pennsic, and he had also been in the same camp so that was cool. Then the four of us went upstairs to chill. We played poker, talked, yadda yadda. Then we moved into Mark's room cause his bed was bigger and less breakable. After becoming comfy, I noticed something strange- NICK HAD DECIDED THAT MY LAP WAS A PERFECT PLACE FOR HIS HEAD. I was not so concerned at first, since I had a pillow on my lap so it wasn't really direct. But then he tried to hold my hand, and began stroking my thigh. Um, awkward? Since the last time I saw him he was SUCKING FACE WITH ANOTHER GIRL, Gwen, which just so happens to sound like Gen which is my name, so we got confused a lot and anyways... So, yeah. From that point on, he began to hardcore HIT ON ME. No joke. Like, he took my chair and when I came back he pulled me on top of his lap. And not just normal "friendly using your knee as a seat" kinda sitting, he pulled me back so I was like fully leaning on him like a human blanket or something. I tried to run away, but he "subtly" followed me. HELL NO! When will guys understand that I am not playing hard to get? I either don't want you to hit on me or I'm shy. It's most likely the shy thing, but in this instance all I was thinking was, "GET AWAY GET AWAY GET AWAY GET AWAY GET AWAY GETAWAYGETAWAYGETAWAYGETAWAAAAAAAAY!" and it really wasn't me being shy. I tried to take Becca aside and ask her about what to do, but she was completely not helpful. UGH.
But, there were funny parts too! Like when everyone started stealing Becca's strawberries (which may have factored in to the extreme horniness).
So, Becca's really sheltered, and earlier when we were all watching The Jerk, Mark and Nick were joking around about "jerk circles". Becca, of course, didn't get it. Later, on the bed, Becca brought it up. Mark and Nick were too afraid to explain it, so I had to be the man and come out and say it. This eventually led to more innuendo conversation between Mark, Nick, and I, none of which Becca got. So while Mark was up, he just turned to her and explained, "SEX." Just like that. And there were all these little kids in the room, and one of them SCREAMED as if he had just been burned or something. It was hilarious. And later, he did about the same thing when Nick and I were exchanging innuendo about condoms, and Becca (duh) didn't get it, so Mark had to just come out and say, "CONDOM."
Let's just say that I'm laughing hysterically just typing about it, Michael and Allison giving me odd looks frmot he otehr room.

Okay, that's about it for catching up.

Today I had a bowl of KIX and half a thing of OREOS.

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