Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Well, that kinda sucks.

Ahm... Ok, something really bad just happened, but you won't get it unless I do a little bit of back tracking.

Meg, my best friend/ roomie, had a HUGE crush on another friend, Lance. In fact, it was a general consensus that the only reason they weren't sucking face everywhere dating was because they "didn't want to ruin the friendship". When school ended, Meg tried to keep in touch with Lance until he told Sami (another friend) that Meg was being too clingy and he didn't like her. Of course, Sami immediately relayed this info to Meg, who proceeded to freak out. So, Lance basically crushed Meg's heart. When school started up again, they were still friends, but... Meg was still crushing somewhat on Lance. She still is.
Until now, I think.

Because this year, Meg & I formed a close knit trio with a new girl, Chelsea. She basically lived in our room.
And now...

Chelsea and Lance are...
officially dating as soon as school starts again.

Lance told me, and I started freaking out to Meg & told her to ask Chelsea if there was anything she needed to say.
And now, Meg hates Chelsea.
And probably me.

So, Junior year is going to start off very hatefully.

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