Sunday, June 3, 2007

Unorthodox Paradox

I hate "fashion", the absurd creation of fads that only the "hip" and "trendy" follow, as they look down upon or pity anyone real enough to not rely on fashion as a means of existence (or even those that can't afford it). The ridiculous and mostly impossible designs that belittle anyone without the means to achieve the "perfect" look, a standard that only the "learned" and extremely malnourished can succeed in setting.
It's just... AGH! My vocabulary fails me.

Okay, back to normal (which, for the record, isn't normal at all).

Finally saw Amy today. We both act as if nothing has changed.
I feel like I'm in the period right before I realize that nothing is the same as it was before. See, I realize that things are changing, but they aren't completely changed yet. I still have some time before time.
I've got that song stuck in my head, now.
"Suddenly, everything has changed..."
How perfect.

Now my brain is spasm-ing.

I've been having some really strange dreams. Of course, they've faded away now. I remember them when I first wake up, but as the day goes on I remember less and less until I'm left with only the impression that it was abnormal.
I only remember the dreams I write down (which, make no mistake, is a LOT).

I'm going to go listen to my new Mika CD now.

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